O.W.I. (Bureau of Theatre)

Auditions for

Lolita Chakrabarti's


directed by

Bryn Boice

Auditions - Sunday, Jan 28th, 6:00-10:00 pm

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215, USA

Please Bring Headshot & Resume

And prepare a 2-minute Shakespeare or other verse/heightened text monologue 

To reserve a 5-min audition slot* email info@officeofwarinformation.com w/the subject line: 

Red Velvet Auditions

*Please specify preference of timeslot, 6-8pm or 8-10pm timeframe, and we will try to accommodate.

Rehearsals begin April 22

17 Performances, May 30 - June 16, 2018

BCA Plaza Theatre

SYNOPSIS: Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, 1833. Edmund Kean, the greatest actor of his generation, has collapsed on stage whilst playing Othello. A young black American actor has been asked to take over the role. But as the public riot in the streets over the abolition of slavery, how will the cast, critics and audience react to the revolution taking place in the theatre?

Lolita Chakrabarti's play creates imagined experiences based on the little-known, but true, story of Ira Aldridge, an African-American actor who, in the nineteenth century, built an incredible reputation on the stages of London and Europe.

IRA ALDRIDGE – Black male, 60, American, a leading actor. Grand, impatient, ferocious and unwell.

IRA ALDRIDGE – Black male, 26,  American, actor. Ambitious, keen, passionate and optimistic.

One actor doubles both roles

CASIMIR - White male, 20’s, German speaking Polish stage-hand. Inexperienced, low status and likes Halina / Doubles HENRY FORESTER – White male, 20’s, English actor. Political, self -interested, ambitious and earnest.

HALINA WOZNIAK – White female, 20’s. Polish journalist. Bright, ambitious, frustrated with her life. / Doubles BETTY LOVELL – White female, 20’s, English, actress. Self concerned, not clever but pleasant. / MARGARET ALDRIDGE – White female, 30’s, English, wife of Ira Aldridge, plain. Solid, trustworthy, Ira’s rock.

CONNIE – Jamaican female, any age, experienced, servant. Older than her years and the voice of truth.

CHARLES KEAN – White male,  30’s,  English, actor (son of Edmund Kean). Grand but without the talent to support it. Suffers from being Edmund’s son.

ELLEN TREE – White female, late 20’s, English, a leading actress. Talented, motivated, classical but progressive.

PIERRE LAPORTE – White male, mid 30’s, French, manager of the theatre.  Gay, revolutionary, entrepreneurial.

The roles of TERENCE & BERNARD WARDE have been cast.

CALLBACKS will be held 1/29. 

Red Velvet is an imagined version of true events. Some of the characters are based on real people – Ira Aldridge (1807-1867), Margaret Aldridge (1798-1864), Pierre Laporte (1799-1841), Charles Kean (1811-1868), Ellen Tree (1805-1880).