O.W.I. (Bureau of Theatre)

Casting for

The World Premiere of


or, The Part of You That Wants It:

A Musical Comedy Love Story

(Written by Accident)


Shaoul Rick Chason

BERLIN is an irreverent vaudeville about an American rapist who goes to Berlin and inadvertently starts a genderfucked feminist revolution of anarchy and turmoil.

LEADING ROLE: HOWARD NEMEROV (no singing or dancing required)

Overweight, balding, middle-aged man. Believes himself to be a messianic force of feminist liberation through means of sexual predation. This is not a realistic play and so actors who do not necessarily share Howard's physical attributes may be considered for the role.

• Actors of color encouraged to audition.

• Men, women, trans, and non-binary actors encouraged to audition.

• Full-figured actors encouraged to audition.

• Skinny cis white people encouraged to audition too because hey, why not?

• The point is, come audition no matter who you are or what you look like

PREPARE: One minute comedic monologue. Sides will be provided.

AUDITIONS: 7:00-10:00 Thursday, December 14 & 7:00-10:00 Friday, December 15

NOTE: Audition slots ARE NOT being assigned

CALL BACKS: 4:00-7:00, Saturday, December 16

LOCATION: 2 Belmont Street (Farther & Son Flooring), Watertown, MA  02472

10-minute bus ride from Harvard Station. Take the 71 or 73 bus from Harvard Station

REHEARSAL: January 31 - March 7

RUN: March 8 - March 31, 16 Performances

VENUE: Thalia Theatre, Central Sq., Cambridge


COMPENSATION: $150 p/w x 9 wks = $1,350.00 

$450 upon signing, $450 first week of rehearsal, $450 first week of performance

W4, direct deposit available.

ALSO CASTING: Understudies for Howard Nemerov and Actor 2 & 3 (will understudy both roles)

Actor 2: Escort, Woman, Commanding Officer, Antichrist  (no singing or dancing required)
Actor 3: Concierge, Waiter, Teller, Homeless Man, Officer, Demon, Zombie (no singing or dancing required)

Complete script available upon request through our Contact Page